Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter.

So, are you on pinterest? If not, you should be. It's this fabulous way to keep track of all the great ideas you see all over the web and intend to "try" someday!  You can get an account at Be careful! It's addicting!

This Easter, Molly and I decided to try out some of our cute Easter pins. We had some success, and some not so much.  Our first non-success didn't even warrant a photo.  We tried this: Epic Fail. The dye wiped right off the eggs and just made a huge mess. I also tried the SU reinkers with the same result.  Rats, it looks so pretty on our cards!!

Next, we tried this one:  This worked great! We used black electrical tape (right out of the dance bag) and made some neat patterns.

Next up:  dyed deviled eggs. I love this one- and it worked perfectly! The colors even intensifed as they say.  (and it helps that my Sweetie makes the most delicious deviled eggs as well!)

And finally, the peep kabobs!  Here's the pin:  Ours didn't come out quite so pretty, but we totally didn't overthink them either. We think they are pretty cute!

We hope you had a great day today as well. We are disappointed that our annual egg hunt is being rained out...but I'm sure we will find something else to do with our 100+ filled eggs. Poker anyone??


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