Monday, March 18, 2013

My paper pumpkin!!

Have you got yours? Read below then hop over to to read and learn more. Don't forget to choose me, Kathleen Gallaher as your demonstrator!

So what is it? Each month, it's a different crafting treat. Everything you need (but glue) to make something adorable.

My first kit arrived today. Your first kit will look the same. It has the clear block you will use for the ones to come!  Here is what you get when you open the box. (Oooh, so fancy!).  Follow on kits will vary by month. You will receive whatever the latest month's kit is when you sign up. In addition, you can always go in and opt in and opt out month by month. The only problem is that you can't see it before you decide.  Each month, the kit is a surprise, even to us demonstrators!!!

All of your supplies will always be precut. In fact, these basic gray cards are acutally white inside! Perfect to add your handwritten greeting.   All the die cuts are made of high quality cardstock and are sticky!

Hmm, I'm not sure how to get my photo flipped to be right side up! Well, anyways, you can see that a full color brochure comes with each kit and gives you step by step instuctions. But really, you probably don't even need them.  This kit was pretty Molly and I just dug in. I gave her two, and took two for myself.

And in just a few minutes, we had our cards all ready to send!  As you can see, we didn't even follow the sample, just did our own thing.  We also liked the splatter stamp for other projects, but felt it was a little too heavy for this super simple card.  So after trying it once...we just left it off. 

Here's our cards...two by me and two by Molly... head on over to and join in the fun!

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