Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MDS candy bars

Have you downloaded the free trial for mds yet?  It's a super powerful program that will let you do so much more than just make digital albums.  I do all my photo and graphics work it, to include blog headers, teacher gifts, and much, much more.  You can find it, along with freebies, inspiration and weekly new downloads at

In fact, my son came to me at 9:15 pm the other night, asking if he could go out to get two teacher appreciation cards for his National Honor Society obligation (due by 7am of course!!). I've been told I have an entire craft store in my basement, and you should have seen the look on his face when I told him he had to go downstairs and make them instead!  Now, my children are expected to stamp cards for me twice a year- my birthday and mother's day.  After all, stamping and Stampin' UP! took them to Alaska, the Western Caribbean and through the Panama Canal not so very long ago...and I'm proud to say that my boys are pretty good about layering, using a paper trimmer, and choosing any color of ink but black for that one floral stamp <wink>...but Jake had no desire to do that for the teachers!  So I laughed, and explained he could do it on the computer with MDS of course!

We quickly found the file I had used with his school colors and mascot and he altered it a bit and printed them out.  As he glued them to a white card, I told him I'd just saved him $10!!!  He agreed, and decided his cards were actually better than anything he could have found at the store!  Wow!! And here are his cards.  So I say, if a 17 year old boy can, so can you!!  Give MDS a try today.

In addition, lately my volunteering for the high school has been as a "treat maker" for the kids in the advanced program both my sons are in.  Anyway, a little tweaking of my MDS files (I just keep hitting "insert duplicate page" and create my next project and keep them all as parts of the same file.  Last night, I created these covered Hershey bars.  I used one quarter sheet of copy paper for each one, and glued the "labels" I printed 8 at a time.  Quick, cute, and cheap!!  (and they are for teens, who really could care less...they just want the chocolate!)

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